Only a week or so after Microsoft implied that the Xbox One wouldn’t be the same piece of hardware for the entirety of this console cycle, rumors and reports are now swirling that Sony will follow suit. According to Patrick Klepek of Kotaku, developers are being approached by Sony detailing a new PS4 with upgraded capabilities. These upgrades would be focused around a new GPU, giving the PS4 4K gaming resolution, and better support for PS VR.

Klepek’s source wasn’t the only one as other members of Kotaku, and the gaming press, have been hearing word from developers about this upgrade. Sony won’t comment on the rumors, so we’re left in the dark on any new information. Will the PS4.5 replace the current machine altogether? Will current PS4 owners get a discount to upgrade?

Incredible to see the console industry so willing to change, but I still need to see Sony and Microsoft put these plans together. Without a solid marketing push and proper channels for early adopters to upgrade then why buy a console at all? If every three to four years I’ll need to shell out another $400 then why not migrate to PC?

E3 2016 will be one hell of a ride.

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