It’s that time again, the time where we all collectively sigh and commit to buying new amiibo. The release schedule for next month’s amiibo wave has been revealed, and I can’t wait to cry in frustration when I realize how terrible the amiibo hunt is yet again.

On Sept. 11th, Zero Suit Samus, Doctor Mario, Ganondorf, Bowser Jr., and Olimar will be released. The Super Mario Maker 30th Anniversary amiibo will also be released to tie in with Super Mario Maker’s release that same day. On the 25th, a three pack of Mr. Game & Watch, Duck Hunt, and R.O.B. will come out, and it’s rumored that this bundle will be Gamestop exclusive.


Nintendo went on to state that the Mii Gunner/Swordfighter/Brawler amiibos will be available sometime in November, and that details on the Modern Mario Super Mario Maker amiibo will be detailed later. Are you going to be picking any of these up? Do you have a dangerous love/hate relationship with amiibos like I do? Leave a comment so we can heal together.

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