It’s the final day of our belated PAX 2022 coverage! Okay, let’s get real. Three days of working a convention from open to close is exhausting. The weeks leading up to it were exhausting. The third day in a row of Franny holding a heavy camera all day began with her train to the convention center crashing, capture cards stopped working, exhibitors closed sessions, the expo closed off press access to things – the load was straining to everyone… Dreams of starry games coverage started to feel a little different today. But we kept it light and calm in spite of ourselves and got what footage we could, including an incredibly dense interview with Wadjet Eye Games founder and developer, Dave Gilbert. We ended with a diverse selection of interviews lined up as well as end these vlog posts with a collection of clips and bloopers that didn’t fit into the rest of the weekend too! I hope you enjoy our big finale.

Here is the entire playlist of games from the PAX showfloor!

Sunday – Convention Realities

WE MADE IT! It’s over!!! I can’t believe we got through everything. There are so many ways we want to improve on this process and make it even more streamlined, functional, and fun for everyone but as a functional proof of concept for a shoestring budget media blitz I think there is something incredible here. It was shocking how few people were doing what we were doing? I want for so many more people to be doing what we are doing out in the field and getting into the trenches with these amazing artists and developers. Sure, it’s exhausting and painful and turned into like 8 months of work, but hey! That’s what next time is for! Anyways, that was our whole week! If you missed any of the days, here is our entire Day 1 and Day 2 from PAX West 2022. And of course if you’d like to see any of our videos, we have a full playlist of every PAX West 2022 Gamesline video for you to easily browse. Let us know what you think on social media, personally I think every game we interviewed was special and provided something interesting. There was only two games out of the 24 that we looked at that didn’t end up making my personal cut for quality and so I’d say the show was a huge success for seeing new, upcoming games from some really hungry pubs and devs. Here are all the full, extended interviews from today’s final vlog (coming tomorrow, so tune back in!):

Another Space Opera

Audio-Technica Interview

Dave Gilbert [Interview]

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