Last year, I got to live my dream of doing professional press coverage for ye olde Video Game Choo Choo at PAX West. We covered a huge swathe of games from the show floor that represented tons of publishers and independent development teams all hungry for new folks to see what they’ve been cooking. It’s a LONG time since then in some terms, but these games and talks that we had on the show floor are still relevant in a major way, and also the project was really fun! So instead of letting a dream dry up on the vine, we have a whole week’s worth of PAX coverage from that weekend, in only that fun way that Gamesline can provide.

Friday – A day of peak excitement and passion!

Excited with the new-found powers we had, we tried to meet with anyone and everyone we could to hear what kinds of new games would be on the horizon (some of which have successfully come out very recently). We fought through our tech and our nerves to put together a plethora of interviews to show what the full experience of the PAX convention floor had to offer this year. They had a McDonalds booth that was just a long line to play a claw machine that gave out scrunchies? This place is a mild fever dream I tell you.

we were so naïve then…

Before Day 2 releases next Friday, we will be uploading every full interview we were able to publish from Day 1 as the week progresses, so come on back here each day for more videos:

Turbo Overkill

The Forest Cathedral

Colossal Cave (2023)

BONUS: Interview w/ Designer Roberta Williams


March! March!

Bare Butt Boxing

Salt & Sacrifice (Arena Mode BETA)

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