I am currently at 79%. The Rainbow Six Siege beta went open this morning and has since been closed but I’m still somehow downloading it. According to a post on the game’s forums by their community manager there are “issues with matchmaking times and disconnection on all platforms”. The open beta is being postponed and reverting back to a closed, invite only, beta. There was no announcement as to when it’ll reopen. Or what would happen if the game’s release date, which is only six days away, comes first.

Betas are supposed to be tests. Early access to early material in hopes of making it better. But developers and publishers have been wielding the beta around like snake oil, a cure all amazing product that will never let you down. Until it breaks and lets you down. Perhaps if this beta weren’t a promotional demo and instead set for months ago when the game wasn’t finished and real changes could be implemented in a timely fashion.

Oh well. Rainbow Six Siege is on store shelves this Tuesday and on sale shortly afterward I bet.

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