At E3 2019’s PC Gaming Show, Honig Studios GmbH out of Berlin showed a new ‘Spaghetti Western inspired stealth game’ titled El Hijo. You play as a kid who has been given up to a monastery and you are trying to escape to get back to your mom. Grab your kid-gun and your kid-‘picture of your wife’ and check the trailer out:

It looks like it is missing a dramatic acoustic guitar and maybe a little more advancement in the gameplay loop, because if it’s just sneaking around normal guard loops then I may not be convinced. However, El Hijo is cute as hell with its painterly aesthetic and soft line edges, and it’s real cool seeing more Latin influences in games. Hopefully it is more respectful to the culture than Guacamelee was. We’ll see how it all shakes out whenever it comes out, as they seemed to not have added any mention of how to access the game or when it may be coming out.

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