It’s the secret everyone knows about, Playstation 2 games are coming to the PS4. It wasn’t until just now, via the Playstation Blog, that we learned exactly what will be coming, when, and at what price.

It’s important to note that PS2 discs won’t run on PS4. So if you were thinking about dusting off some CD jacket filled with old memories, keep them there. Starting tomorrow these PS2 games will be released digitally on the PS4 and will include trophy support, 1080p resolution, and typical PS4 support like remote play:

  • Dark Cloud — $14.99
  • Grand Theft Auto III — $14.99
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City — $14.99
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — $14.99
  • Rogue Galaxy — $14.99
  • The Mark of Kri — $14.99
  • Twisted Metal: Black — $9.99
  • War of the Monsters — $9.99


Not sure how I feel about spending $15 on games you could buy on Ebay or at a local gaming store for much cheaper. I don’t like the idea of mining nostalgia in hopes of making some extra cash. Maybe asking for PS2 disc support is too much since the PS4 hardware is very finalized. But enticing fans with old games while Sony struggles to put out first party content seems shady to me.

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