According to multiple sources talking to Austin Walker over at Giant Bomb, the rumored upcoming Playstation 4 upgraded console is code named NEO. Walker has documents that run down what the NEO is and what Playstation is telling developers who would like to use the upgrades.

The NEO upgrades are focused mostly around graphics. It will run games at 4K and gives developers an additional 512 MB of memory to use. NEO will be exactly the same as a current PS4, same store, same games, and will not leave original PS4 owners out in the cold. No games will be NEO exclusive. No games running on NEO will have any exclusive content. The NEO seems only to exist to improve on the lagging console cycle. All games, as of this October, will be required to support the NEO, but there is no word on when it will come out. The NEO won’t sacrifice on framerate either, Sony is adamant that a game should at least retain, if not improve upon, the framerate is has on the original PS4 hardware.

The NEO is a needed upgrade, and it seems like Sony is making the right moves. But how do you sell this to the millions and millions of PS4 owners out there? Are they willing to re-buy their console? The NEO name has been floating around for a bit now and is a play off the PS VR’s original codename, Morpheus. So clearly the two are meant to go together, despite being distinctly separate. I encourage you go read all of Walker’s report over at Giant Bomb and get all the juicy details.

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