Update: Whoops. Peter Molyneux isn’t retiring nor is he removing Godus from Steam. After a series of tweets from his account claiming he was doing just that a few friends of Peter quickly got in touch with him on the phone. Turns out someone hacked or took control of Peter’s twitter and began posting.

Here’s Peter’s real tweet about it all:

Original Story: In a series of tweets the long time developer and visionary, albeit sometimes a bit out of focus, Peter Molyneux announced that Godus would be taken down from Steam immediately and he would be retiring from the games industry.

Molyneux was somewhat divisive throughout his career, known for creating a lot of buzz and expectations for his games but often times never delivering on those promises. While he should be known for helping to foster and create the “god game” genre with classic games like Populous and Black & White, he’s more recently known for failures like Godus. You may remember Godus for it’s many delays, developmental hardships, and it’s promise to give a contest winner unique powers within the game. Very little of that promise ever became reality.

No matter though, to me Molyneux will always be a behemoth of a designer. He had grand visions and looked at games for what they could be, not iterations on what they already are. We wish him luck in his future.

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