Ugh, guys, I dunno if I can hold out for the New 3DS. Sure, it’ll have built-in NFC, and you’ll be able to play exclusive games like Xenoblade Chronicles, but I doubt there will be a Persona Q version of the New 3DS.

Yep, that’s right, those really sweet 3DSes that many of us thought would be Japan-exclusive are coming out in North America this year. According to press releases and pictures taken from the Gamestop Managers Expo going on today, the Persona Q and Smash 4 3DS XLs will be dropping on US soil. Not only that, but a new, Gamestop exclusive NES controller model. Each model is coming sooner than expected, with the Smash 4 one being released Sept. 19th, the NES model coming Oct. 10th, and the Persona Q model dropping alongside the game on Nov. 25th. None of these come with their respective games, upsettingly, but they’re all super slick and I especially want the Persona Q one. Who do I have to beg to get one of these bad boys?

Also all of these being XLs matches up with Mike’s discovery that the 3DS’ original model has been discontinued save for pink ones at Toys R Us.

Here’s pics of the other two that I didn’t use as the featured image.

tumblr_nbp21kZUw81qzp9weo1_r1_1280 tumblr_nbp21kZUw81qzp9weo2_r2_1280

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