It seems that the bad blood between Konami and departing producer Hideo Kojima has reached a boiling point.

P.T., the playable teaser for the now-canceled Silent Hills game, was removed from the PlayStation Store last week on the 29th but was accessible from your PS4 library if you had downloaded it earlier. Now however, in a move that can only be described as spiteful, the teaser can now no longer be downloaded even if you have it in your PS4 library.

Konami is apparently so determined to remove all traces of Silent Hills and its teaser from existence that they are keeping anyone who doesn’t keep it on their PS4 forever from accessing it. Now the only way for someone to play P.T. will be to buy an overpriced PS4 with the teaser on its harddrive, probably from ebay. Konami seems determined to silence anything related to Silent Hills, even if it means resorting to some truly poor sportsmanship.

But hey, maybe they’re actually acting nobly! They could simply be trying to prevent Kojima from his stated goal of using Silent Hills to “make you sh*t your pants.” If so, then thank you Konami for ensuring that my pants remain pure and unsoiled.

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