It’s happening. In a matter of hours, several members of Chooch will prepare to fly out to tinsel town and begin our assault on E3. With three members on location and a team of experts running things at home, we have plenty planned for this E3.

First up will be our predictions podcast. Recorded before all this pre-E3 announcements and leaks, found out exactly how wrong we were the weekend before E3.

Every press conference, from EA on Sunday to Sony on Monday night, will have wall-to-wall news coverage on the site. Every big game announcement, release date, or trailer that is shown will be written up and on the site within minutes. Check out our news page for the information as it happens, moment by moment.

The home team will be keeping a watchful eye out for news coming off the show floor throughout the conference. Also, while the show wraps up and everyone else gets onto airplanes, we’ll have a “winners & losers” write-up detailing which press conference/game really shined and impressed, and which didn’t.

After we indulge ourselves on Jack in the Box tacos and In-N-Out burgers, the team in LA has plenty planned this year. For every day the show floor is open, we’ll be sitting down to discuss the day’s events. Games we saw, games we played, Denny’s we ate at, and more will be discussed.

We’ll also be recording daily wrap ups for the press conference days. We’ll run down what happened, our reactions, and what it means for video games as a whole.

But that’s not all! This is just our baseline for E3, and while we tan our pale bodies on the beaches of California, we’ll continue to dream up really dumb great ideas.

Stick to the E3 2016 page on the site for everything we write, do, or say throughout this busy, busy week. We’re very excited to get this chance and couldn’t have done it without you!

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