Today is a very mixed day to be a Nintendo fan. On one hand, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, remakes of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, the third generation GBA games, were confirmed. Nothing of any value has been announced concerning the games, but there is a short trailer showing the box art here. I do hope that the game is changed up quite a bit. The large bodies of water in gen 3 were annoying and double battles were a bit janky at the time. I am looking forward to that delicious brass soundtrack.

However, Nintendo has also done something disappointing today. In the past month, Tomodachi Life fan Tye Marini started the #Miiquality campaign, a push for Nintendo to allow same-sex relationships between Miis in the US release of the game. In the video kickstarting the campaign, Tye recognizes that the relationships would most likely not be in the original release, but hoped for a patch or sequel to include them. Nintendo’s response? They do not want to include the relationships because they don’t want to “provide social commentary”. Nintendo’s words are hurtful and disappointing. I truly hope that in the future they decide to include non-heteronormative relations in their games, and that fan outcry does change their tune. The original #Miiquality video is below.

#Miiquality from Tyeforce on Vimeo.

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