Here’s your roundup for today’s Nintendo Direct!

First up is Twilight Princess HD. Not exactly a surprise, but I’m glad to see it announced. The graphics only look slightly better, but TP was a pretty gorgeous game to stary with, so that’s fine! The game will also support the Zelda character amiibos, as well as a Wolf Link one, which comes with the game in a bundle. If you pre-order, you get a soundtrack. It releases March 4th next year. Wii U Zelda was also confirmed for next year, with Wolf Link data support confirmed.

A new, free update to TriForce Heroes was announced, with two new outfits and a challenge mode.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is releasing Nov. 20th, and I completely forgot about that. Every single known Pokemon are in this game, which is pretty interesting now that there’s over 700 now. You get a theme download if you buy it, hooray.

New Splatoon content, new maps and weapons as expected. The update will be up later tonight! The Treehouse will have a livestreamed tournament in December.

Super Mario Maker will be getting a “portal site” through the tablet, which lets you search for specific types of stages. It works way better than the current search, but it should be in-game! It’ll launch in Dec.

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Party is happening still, and they confirmed a few new stages and characters. amiibo cards will work with this game. The game launches Nov. 13th.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will have multiple modes, such as a “simple” mode, which lets you turn off powers. amiibo will also work with the game, allowing you to play doubles with an amiibo. It launches Nov. 20th.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will drop on Dec. 4th, and it looks gorgeous. You can download “speed” packs, to let the game load faster if you buy the disc.

Pokemon Picross is a free to play game, which works as you’d expect. It comes out in December, and you can pay to make puzzles easier.

Pokken Tournament will be releasing in the US in Spring. amiibo cards will be released for the game, such as a Shadow Mewtwo card, which automatically unlocks Shadow Mewtwo.

Star Fox Zero got a new trailer, with some more footage. The game looks far more smooth, and I’m glad it got delayed. April 22nd next year.

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam supports amiibo, with Character Cards that let you weaken enemies and strengthen yourself. January 22nd.

Final Fantasy Explorers is confirmed for the US. You can team up with classic characters and team up “MMO style” with friends. All of the Japanese DLC will be bundled with the game. There will also be a collector’s edition. It’s releasing Jan 26th.

Fire Emblem Fates allows you to buy the other game for half off, and you’ll be able to buy both and the extra DLC for 80$ in a bundle. It comes out Feb 16th next year.

Mega Man Legacy Collection will come with new challenge modes unlocked with the Mega Man amiibo or the new Gold Mega Man amiibo.

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow will be coming out on Virtual Console, using 3DS wireless connection to trade and battle. They’ll be releasing Feb 27th, 2016.

A new character is confirmed for Hyrule Warriors Legends, Linkle, which seems to be female Link, basically. She uses crossbows and kicks to defeat her foes. It’s out March 25th.

Dragon Quest 7 and 8 will be coming sometime in 2016, as well as Bravely Second sometime in Spring.

AND CLOUD STRIFE IS COMING TO SMASH BROS. I CAN’T HANDLE THIS. There will be another Smash Bros direct in December.

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