Today’s Nintendo Direct laid the foundation for Nintendo to catch up with Sony and Microsoft, at least with their online capabilities. There were also a few release date announcements. Nothing too mindblowing if you were looking for new games but I’m personally excited to see how Nintendo evolves past this point. Here’s the rundown.


Nintendo Network IDs are coming to 3DS. So far, that means one combined wallet for your Wii U and 3DS eShops. No, that does not mean cross buy…yet. I’m hoping it does in the future because I do not want to pay for Super Mario Bros. every time I get a new console.

Miiverse is also coming to 3DS. No new big upgrades on that end but hey, more places to look at Miiverse is always handy and plenty of people who don’t have Wii Us have been missing out on it.

YouTube is launching on 3DS, and getting an update on Wii U to work better.

A Link Between Worlds news! A couple of characters were revealed and the gold 3DS was shown off by Reggie. If I liked Zelda I’d be eating that up.

Mario Party Island Tour is releasing the same day as Zelda. It looks like Mario Party. But it has Download Play that supports up to four players on one game card. So that’s something.

Kirby was revealed to have an actual name: Kirby Triple Deluxe. This was shown only on the European Direct.

Bravely Default will be releasing here February 7th. The collector’s edition comes with a soundtrack, art book, and 34 AR cards.

Pikmin 3 DLC was shown and will be 4.99$ each. One of the latest packs will let you play as Olimar and Louie. This will drop December 3rd.

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, a game involving puzzles and mummies, two things I hate, will come out February 28rd.

Super Mario 3D World, which is also coming out November 22nd, has a secret playable character. If you want to be spoiled on who it is, click here.

Tomorrow an update to Animal Crossing Plaza goes live. It lets you vote on your favorite villagers and gives you 50 stamps to use on posts in Miiverse.

A sizzle reel of indie titles was shown, which I’ll link on the bottom.


And that’s it. I’m pretty happy with what was shown, at least on a hardware level. Hopefully there’s another Direct next month that focuses on Wii U. The full Direct and the Indie Reel will be linked below. It’s worth a watch for Reggie and Bill Trinen being ballers.


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