Today at Hasbro’s Toy Fair presentation, Activision showed a trailer for their newest Transformers game. Entitled Rise of the Dark Spark, it pits the characters from their War for/Fall of Cybertron games against the characters from the Michael Bay movies.

Yeah, right? That sounds crazy.

It’ll be available on every platform that isn’t a PlayStation Vita, and will run you $60 on PS4/Xbox One and $50 on PS3/360/Wii U. However, you guys should be really excited for the 3DS version, which is a tactical RPG being developed by Steven’s game developer crush WayForward. The console versions aren’t being developed by High Moon Studios. Instead, frequent BioWare partner Edge of Reality will be handling this one.

IGN has a trailer available, which sadly doesn’t show any of the crossover action. But the game at least looks good, and it’s nice to see something that isn’t just a G1 retread.

Rise of the Dark Spark will be available June 24th, two days before the release of the movie.

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