After delaying it late last year Mojang is almost ready to release their next big update for Minecraft. The 1.9 update includes an incredibly large list of changes that Mojang will detail once the update goes live on February 25th. Luckily Minecraft has some dedicated followers and have gathered an unofficial list of the upcoming changes.

While I don’t keep up with Minecraft like I did right before and after it’s official 1.0 release, it’s amazing to continue to watch it grow and change. The game is drastically different from then to now and Mojang has never wavered in their support of this behemoth.

The important changes probably differ on how you play. My friends and I still attempt to build large, elaborate, bases and only one of us dabbles in the enchanting and potion making that’s now a key component of the game. What does stand out are new additions like dual wielding, status effects, subtitles, new blocks, and even a new enemy type. It’s honestly such an intense list of changes it has made me excited to mess around with Minecraft again.

No word on if/when these updates will come to other versions. Xbox One and mobile ports of the game tend to be behind the PC version of the game. And no information on what happens, if anything, when Mojang hits 2.0. For now though, Minecraft has no intention of going away.

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