What would it take to convince you develop for Microsoft’s upcoming VR/AR headset, the HoloLens? How about a new game featuring a beloved but disused property originally created by Rare? Battletoads? Not a chance. Viva Pinata? Think furrier. Banjo and Kazooie? Oh, if only. As detailed today, along with more in-depth specs about the device, the HoloLens dev kits are going on sale for $3,000 with a ship date of March 30th, and will include three games, one of which is a new Conker title. Wait, really?

Yes, really. In addition to a slew of tutorial videos, the HoloLens “Development Edition” will include the shooter RoboRaid, the AR crime drama Fragments, and the Asobo Studios-developed Young Conker. Like most AR games, Young Conker will adapt to the environment it’s being played in, in this case using pieces of furniture as platforming fodder. The dev kit will also included a number of non-gaming apps, such as HoloStudio, which allows users to model in 3D at real scale using AR, and an “enhanced” version of Skype.

It seems likely that at least a couple of these apps will come bundled in the consumer HoloLens, which still doesn’t have a price or release date. However, Microsoft also went into detail about general tech specs for the device to sate the thirst anyone who’s curious. The HoloLens will be completely untethered, meaning it can run without using a PC or other console. In addition, the device will run on Windows 10 and include access to the app store.

The HoloLens will have built-in cameras for “mixed-reality captures,” which allows user to take photos featuring whatever AR wonderland they’re currently engaged in. Gestures and voice commands can be programmed for interacting with applications, and it has a processing unit made of custom silicon. Sounds fancy!

There’s more information over at Windows blog, but none of this really answers the big question: when can we, the common peasants of gaming, get our hands on one? Like most things involving VR these days, only time will tell.

If you’re so inclined, check out the Young Conker trailer below:

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