Lately, the Mega Man series has been extremely light on the new content. With the closest thing to a new game coming out being the titular character’s inclusion in the latest Smash Bros. and spiritual succesor Might No. 9 coming out soon, the once prolific mascot’s future prospects have been bleak at best. Still, Capcom is trying to keep up hype for the character, bringing back the appropriately named “Mega May” event to the Nintendo eShop.

Last year Capcom bought six Mega Man games originally released on the Game Boy and Game Boy Color to the 3DS eShop over the course of May. This year they’re spreading the portable porting love to the home console area, bringing four different Mega Man games from the GBA to the Wii U eShop. The four games being added are Mega Man & BassMega Man Battle Network 3 Blue/WhiteMega Man Zero 2, and Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun / Blue Moon. Fans can vote for the order that these games are released in via an online poll by Capcom running from today until April 29. You can look for the winner to drop on the first Thursday in May, with the rest coming out in order each week.

These are all solid entries in their various series and subseries, and I’m glad to see them get rereleased, but I hope that Capcom will start putting out NEW Mega Man projects soon instead of just rereleasing older entries to tide us over.

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