Sony finishes off the Monday of pressers in a big way usually. With no TV time limit Sony usually likes to run long and really show off their wares. We’ve already heard that almost half of this year’s conference will focus on Morpheus, their own virtual reality helmet. Will this focus on a new hardware pay off or can they really sell us on VR in only an hour or so? Sony has the lead in the console race sustaining that lead may be too much to handle. Stay here, put on your VR goggles, and find out alongside with us.

*Everything is going to be in reverse order. The posts will get older as you scroll down the page.*

-Thanks for being with us today. It’s not over! Nintendo and Square will be live blogged tomorrow, see you then.

-It’s over. No date on Uncharted, early 2016 is what I’ve heard.

-This is a lot of gameplay. Last time all we saw was some climbing and light exploring.

-Driving on rooftops, why not?

-Crashing through a market, a city square, down a hill. Drake’s insurance must be expensive.

-Driving through the city now, cutting through alleys, crashing through fences. Great frame rate.

-Still has those great looking but totally scripted moments when you’re making your way through the level. Drake and Sully now jumping across roofs to avoid a tank.

-This really looks like Uncharted and it looks great. Bullet shells flying, puff from boxes and buildings being shot, Drake complaining about being shot.

-This video works. Shooting dudes, taking cover, Sully kicking ass and taking names.

-This demo. Oh man. Live demo folks. Took a second to start and now Drake is just standing there. Switching over to video of gameplay instead of live gameplay. Whoops.

-Yep. Sully and Nathan. Looks really good. Now into gameplay.

-Another trailer. From Naughty Dog. Has to be Uncharted 4.

-Loooong pause, no intro….

-Almost done.

-Drop pods. Looks like single player/coop stuff again.

-Now onto the Battlefront partnership.

-Now a trailer. This is their toys to live stuff.

-Partnership with Lucas. Johnny V on stage to show off Disney Infiity 3.0.

-Star Wars music.


-Another montage, about 15 minutes left. Uncharted 4 has to end this.

-Yep, Playstation owners get beta access first and maps first. Eh.

-Nov. 6th, 2015.

-Multiplayer footage now.

-Looks extra futuristic. Stunning enemies, robot arms, future guns, stabbing dudes with knives.

-Showing off coop stuff. Zombies is in this one. I cannot get excited about COD. It’s a known quantity.

Black Ops 3. I guess they have the multiplayer maps first? This is kinda crazy. Probably made this deal with Activision after they did so well with Destiny.

Call of Duty on the Sony stage.

-Vue allows you to subscribe per channel, not a bundle. Launches with Showtime and other select channels. PS Plus members get discounts.

-Switched to talking about Music/Spotify and Playstation Vue. Is that it for VR?

-Just a B-Roll of games in the background. No name recognition.

-Showing VR games in the background. Hard to be impressed without actually being in the helmet. Claims Morpheus won’t just be single player.

-VR discussion time. Rumor this lasts for an hour. I hope not.

-Andrew House now out. What’s up Andrew

Shenmue, FF7 Remake, Last Guardian. It’s like the internet made this conference.

Batman trailer. Why waste time on something that comes out next week?

-It would need to be funded, a $2 million goal.

Shenmue is coming to playstation, called it Shenmue’s project and this is the launch of their Kickstarter.

-Just a montage of them. Eitr, Mother Russia Bleeds, Crossing Souls, and didn’t catch the last one. All look downloadable.

-Devolver Digital making 4 new games. All coming to PS4 first.

FF7 remake. You did it you crazy fans.

-Nope, a full remake. Wow. Coming first on PS4…

-Barret. Cloud. A reunion? Maybe a sequel?

FF7 full remake?

World of Final Fantasy. An actual Vita game. PS4 too. Coming 2016.

-New Final Fantasy game, everything looks chibi.

-Exclusive missions on PS4. No gameplay.

-Just showing off the female character, Evie Frye. Just a trailer so far.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. Now we see gameplay?

-Called The Taken King, 9/15/15.

-Lauren is the Destiny expert on the site. I know this is an expansion and a lot of details for this leaked.

Destiny mention. Yawn.

-Cel shaded art style. You’re a wild fire look out. You’re alone, only contact with a woman over the radio, and some mysteries need to be solved.


-Sculpting and painting and animating. This wasn’t a lot so I can’t imagine this is coming soon. More at Paris Games Week.

-You use your controller to paint, not the stick, you move the controller and paint in the game. You can link other’s creations with yours.

-Called Dreams. Trying to capture surreal, lucid, dream exploration game. You can create your own and explore everyone’s dream and they’re all connected.

-Media Molecule’s new game now up.

-Claims the release date will be announced soon. Trading, fighting, exploring. Looks absolutely insane.

-This looks truly random. Giant robots defend each planet from crazy explorers like you. There is totally combat, that guy just shot a laser pistol.

-At beacons you upload things you discover. There’s no life around where he is but everything around his is destructible.

-He went to a random planet claiming he had never been there, undiscovered. Went in very quickly. He scanned the planet and it highlights points of interest.

-Just millions of stars. He says many won’t ever be discovered. Everyone is trying to reach the center.

-Showing a map now in one solar system. There are easily 20 stars nearby he can reach. He’s pulling back again, each star has it’s own set of planets.There are 100s…1000s….

-“Universe sized sandbox”. You fly by space battles and can join, pick a side, or ignore it completely.

-Last year? Video. This year? Live gameplay.

-No Man’s Sky up next

-Cammy confirmed. Pre ordering gets you into the beta.

-Street Fighter V. Exclusive to PS4.

-You’re still Agent 47. Coming to console and PC. Beta will be only on the PS4 if you preorder. Other exclusive content to PS4.

-Trailer of a Hitman training while a bunch of assassinations about to happen. Just called Hitman, no subtitle.

Hitman time!

-Yep, called Horizon: Zero Dawn.

-I’m really into this. I’ll totally hunt me some robot dinosaurs.

-Different arrow types, you can pick up pieces from the robots and use them against them. Monster Hunter-y but not as grindy. You can pin the animal to the ground with arrow tethers.

-These robot animals get big. The size of elephants or dinosaurs. You’re hunting with a bow and arrow. That’s totally a robot T-Rex you’re running away from.

-Gameplay now.Sneaking through bushes trying to hunt these robot animals. “Watchers” call for help if they spot you.

-Tribes of humans went back to nature and live back off the land. Robot animals and dinosaurs?

-Cavemen. Talking about “the old ones” who made cities and towers that look like near future buildings. Some darkness eradicated them and nature took back the cities.

-Might be called Horizon, trailer of captured PS4 footage.

-New franchise up next from Guerrilla Games.

-Shuhei Yoshida! Talking about Last Guardian.

-Title card. Coming 2016.

-It does seem like you’re climbing buildings maybe similar to Shadow of the Colossus. Some of the puzzles don’t seem intuitive.

-I’m not being won over by this, seems like a bigger, more complicated Brothers. This demo isn’t exactly great either. It seems live but they’re waiting to perform jumps to make it more dramatic.

-It’s also a platformer, you’re sidling along ledges and solving puzzles I bet. Looks good. Wondering how complicated this really ends up being.

-You control the boy and call the dog…thing…to you to traverse this large environment of crumbling buildings.

-Looks good but more like an upgraded version of what we’ve already seen. Little boy calling out his bird…dog…thing.

-This is a trailer. This needs to be ready to go. I don’t think people want to wait anymore.

-The Last Guardian, first thing. Only on Playstation.

-Talking about how great PS4 is. Calling it the “new reality of gaming”. Maybe a virtual reality?

-Shawn Layden, CEO, out on stage.

-Gaming montage! Metal Gear, Mad Max, Destiny, Godzilla, Star Wars, Baseball, Tearaway, Drawn to Death, Street Fight 5, Uncharted 4.


-2 minute warning. Buckle up.

-15 minutes.

-Heard that Morpheus didn’t require any hardware add on, just the headset. That would go against what Oculus has been saying about hardware requirements. If they price it, it will have to be cheap, under $250.

-Playstation Vue will probably show up since they have billboards for it all around LA. That’s their TV streaming, without cable, app.

-Just over 30 minutes until Sony. They usually go long and take their time. Hoping they can keep it to about 2 hours.

-Probably doing to see Uncharted 4 and Morpheus, Sony’s VR helmet. How much of either is a guess since Uncharted was delayed until 2016 and Morpheus is still a unknown. Rumors abound about a FF7 remake and the elusive Last Guardian.

-Three down and only one to go. Sony. Will there be nothing but Morpheus? Will this take 3 hours?

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