Crowd and Chooch favorite Nintendo starts off Day 1. Since last year Nintendo has switched to a “digital event” instead of the usual press conference. Amiibos, Star Fox, Yoshi, Fire Emblem, and Mario Maker are all on the slate for 2015 but what’s up for 2016? Zelda and the NX are all on the horizon but won’t be at the show so what else will Nintendo talk about? They are known for filling time with developer interviews but we’re hoping they pull out something really great. Will Nintendo makes us fall in love all over again? Find out right here, on this page, live.

*Everything is going to be in reverse order. The posts will get older as you scroll down the page.*

-Square starts in about 10-15 minutes, hop over to that live blog because it’s about to go up!

-That’s it. Treehouse begins which will start with Star Fox. They didn’t specify Platinum Games but that’s what we’ve been hearing.

-Sep. 11th, 2015

-Miyamoto describing the original design behind the original Mario. Kinda genius even if it sounds obvious now.

-8 bit amiibo, also leaked before, and a booklet and samples from the game. I wish it was original art.

-You can combine elements from other Mario games together. Mario 3 enemies can be in Mario 1.

-Showing some original Mario art that looks amazing. You can break a lot of old school Mario rules with this game.

-Back to some Mario Maker talk. It’s a crazy level making tool they turned into a game. Question mark blocks spit out enemies. Enemies can stand on other’s shoulders.

-Mario Tennis Ultimate Smash Holiday 2015

-Mario Tennis for Wii U. I hope it’s not just tennis. Showing lots of power ups.

-Mario and Luigi Paper Jam Spring 2016

-Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi are coming together! Multiple Marios and Luigis, one set paper, one set 3D. In an RPG on 3DS.

-Holiday 2015.

-It’s a 3DS game. Called Yo-Kai Watch.

-Level 5 developer. Looks like a ghost game but similar to Pokemon. First time it’s coming to the west.

-Different Yoshi skins. A Samus and Mario one. Look like living adorable nightmares.

Wooly World is a pretty known quantity. There is coop. Infinite hover/double jumps.

-Holiday 2015. If it’s less like Mario Party I’m happy. Yoshi now.

-No mini games it seems. Maybe it’s more Fortune Street than Mario Party?

-Ew. It’s a party game. Animal Crossing Amiibo Party.


-Sep. 25th 2015

Animal Crossing: Happy Home. You use amiibo cards and maybe those leaked Animal Crossing amiibos work on this too?

-Coming out Dec. 12th 2015, Animal Crossing next

-Giant robot game with dinosaurs. Xenoblade.

-This is the cross game with Fire Emblem, not really what I expected. You summon Fire Emblem characters instead of other monsters.

-Atlus game. Looks like an icon game? It’s anime design, people are dancing and singing. Shinmegami Tensei Cross Fire I think.

-Fire Emblem Fates. A 3DS title. The last one was just amazing and I can’t wait for this, even with it’s crazy story. These cut scenes look great.

-Now onto Fire Emblem.

-Ah, this includes Blast Ball from Sunday. Coming 2016.

-Another 3DS game in development. A new Metroid game. 4 player coop in the Metroid Prime universe.

-And now a trailer for Hyrule Warriors. Nintendo knows how to fill time like no one else.

-Called Hyrule Warrios Legends.

-Another new game for 3DS. Hyrule Warriors. This was leaked out and already on our site! Includes all DLC characters.

-Not everyone is link. You get new clothes and each own has different powers/abilities. So going through a dungeon changes how you play. Has online multiplayer.

-They literally said a 4 player totem was too tall.

-Totem mechanic. You can form a Link totem, one on top of another, to solve puzzles.

-More Triforce Heroes talk with the director and producer. It has a multiplayer/coop. You’ll go through dungeons with friends.

-Showing off different puzzles, minigames, bosses. Out Fall 2015, 3DS only.

-Not sure why this isn’t another four swords title but three instead. Maybe it’s a Wii U downloadable?

-Zelda Triforce Heroes. A three swords adventure. Looks like a 3DS game.

-More puppets…dancing this time.

-They’ll have their own powers and move sets in Skylanders. You can switch the base from Skylander to Amiibo and back.

-Skylanders vehicles coming…with Donkey Kong and Bowser with their own vehicles. Wow.

-Amiibos. New amiibos and new games for them.

-Super Mario Maker coming out later this year. We saw this on Sunday and it looks crazy. You can make levels that are just insane.

-The theme for this direct is transformation. Actually mentioned NX and mobile but today is focused on the coming months.

-Now the intro with Reggie.

-Tanks, robot, gyro copter. Bigger enemies. Replaying levels seems intricate. Not a sequel and not a remake.

-Looks like you can transform into a walker at free will. The walker was in Star Fox 2, which didn’t come out, but is back in this one.

-One screen aims down the gun while the other controls the ship it sounds like.

-The gamepad will always have a cockpit view and aim with the gamepad. The TV will show a cinematic view. Or 3rd person on TV with a cockpit view on gamepad. Seems…bad?

-Flying through arches philosophy. It will use the gamepad motion controls as well.

-Miyamoto now talking about Star Fox and how he first came up with the idea.

-Star Fox Zero, Holiday 2015. We’ve heard this is made by Platinum Games.

-Arwing transforms into a…chicken. Lots of different forms.

-Cut to a trailer and gameplay. Showing gameplay on the gamepad from inside the cockpit.

-Yep, they’re turning into Star Fox characters. Star Fox puppets.

-Puppet Miyamoto has a snout…a fox snout…

-If the entire show is them as puppets I’m pretty fine with that.

-The music sounds like Star Fox

-Muppet opening? Nintendo executives as puppets…

-2 minute warning.

-15 minutes! The Direct is about 51 minutes long giving us a 9 minute break before Square.

-I expect some Splatoon DLC talk, Amiibos everywhere, Star Fox, Yoshi, maybe some Fire Emblem, and Mario Maker. Not sure if that fills their hour or not.

-30 minute countdown.

-Nintendo seems to have the least amount of rumors but what I do hear seems pretty solid…and somewhat crazy.

-Early start. My body and my cup of coffee are ready. Even without any big surprises I bet Nintendo will do really well.

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