The day of conferences has begun! Up first is the maker of the Xbox One. Microsoft has had healthy sales numbers but still lags behind Sony by a good margin. The past few E3s haven’t been stellar but were solid entries packed with games, games, and more games. This year, with Windows 10 on the horizon, we might see some hardware or software mentions before we move onto Halo 5 and Call of Duty. Stick right here for live updates of the conference as it happens.

*Everything is going to be in reverse order. The posts will get older as you scroll down the page.* 

-Thanks for joining us! There will be another live blog for EA at 1pm PT, 4pm ET.

-No Call of Duty. Rumors it might show up at Sony but does Activision need to show that off anymore?

-Game montage ends the show. Not bad.

-Promises more at Gamescom.

-They mentioned Windows 10 a lot and will reveal a “new user experience” later this week.

-Phil’s shirt was the Rare logo. Sounds like he’s wrapping up.

-Just called Gears 4. Holiday 2016.

-New enemy it looks like. Not like ones in the previous titles.

-Very dark level. Not everything looks great, then again it’s early on in development.

-This is some Gears ass Gears. Chainsaw gun. Scripted events. Press X to look at thing.

-New Gears guy. He’s blonde, Nathan Fillion voice? This is totally a new Gears of War. I bet it’s following the Halo timeline. Remakes one year to buy time for the new stuff next year.

-Oh, and one more thing. Xbox One exclusive. New Gears?

-August 25th, Ultimate Edition. It’s Gears 1 and there’s a public beta starting today.

Gears of War time.

-You can even lift up the world, look underground, and mark places for players to find.

-The world shifts with player movement it seems. The Holo Lens wearer looks like a crazy person when you don’t see the hologram.

-Using voice commands the world you create is displayed on a table in the real world. You can see players running around and manipulate the world with voice and hands. Even look inside the buildings. WOW.

Minecraft on Holo Lens now. They’re using a special camera so you can see what he sees. Holo Lens shows the wearer holograms around the world.

-Mojang, aka Minecraft, are coming to Holo Lens. Not surprising since they’ve been showing Minecraft stuff in Holo Lens PR photos.

-Repeating the Oculus stuff. Xbox One games can stream to the rift. Looks weird. Now onto Holo Lens.

-Valve VR partnership?! And an Oculus partnership. What.

-Legends is free to play. If you earn or buy something on Windows 10/Xbox One it’ll cross over to the other.

-Coming this Holiday. Again weird that doesn’t have a hard release date. Kudo time.

-Another Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive. Seems like Fable Legends.

Sea of Thieves.

-Your own ship with your own crew made up of friends. Sending people off the gangplank. Battling other ships.

-Other players are in the world. Yep, there’s a pirate ship. Looks like an MMO.

-Pirates? Pirates.

-Looks like Rare art style. You’re in a forest, going through a cave. Looks nice.

-New game from Rare, “exclusive”.

-Solar Jet Man. Blast Corps. That’s a lot of games.

-30 games. 10,000 gamerscore Perfect Dark. Nuts and Bolts. Auguest 4th. $30

-Rare collection now. Battleroads, Banjo Kazooie, Pro Am, Conkers, Kameo, Viva Pinata.

-Nov 10th for Tomb Raider

-Montage of gamplay. Hunting is still in. She’s finding hidden cities and tombs. I hope that’s more of what will be in this.

-I enjoyed the running and jumping in the last one, it was exciting and frantic. But i don’t want more and more of that. I’d rather have more tombs and treasure collecting.

-Lots of climbing. Not much really happening. Where’s the tomb raiding?

-Climbing and platforming. Looks slick. Like a much better version of the last one.

-Holiday 2015. Weird that they don’t have a real release date yet. Coming out of a cave and onto the side of a snowy mountain.

-Tomb Raider time. Demoing gameplay.

-It’s called Ion. Showing off space stations and a huge universe map.

-A simulation MMO exploring space. It’ll be in Xbox One Preview.

-Dean Hall, creator on Day Z, announcing a new game on Xbox One.

-Free trial I think. If that is true then that’s a good idea. Long Dark and Elite Dangerous will be out this afternoon.

-New indie developer program. Xbox Game Preview. Allowing you to buy games still in development. Early access. Fuck.

-It’s a 16 bit platformer. Film grain, film flicker, just looks great. Doesn’t even look like a game.

Cuphead now. This looks just crazy. Like an old school cartoon. Think original Mickey Mouse.

Beyond Eyes now. You play as a blind character. Art looks like water colors. The world draws in around you.

-Aurora 44 was the dev, game is called Ashen. Amazing art.

-Aurora 44 now. Great art style. Puzzle game with 2 people maybe?

-Gaynor from Fullbright showing off Tacoma. So glad to see talented devs get stage time. We’re seeing a trailer for Tacoma.

-Chris Charla is out from ID@Xbox. Indie dev love time.

-Indie showcase. So of course the feed goes black for a moment. I bet the indie developers loved that.

-Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive now. It’s a 3rd person action MOBA. Cel shaded art style.

-Siege is out October 16th.

-Some Tom Clancy 360 games coming free with the newer stuff.

-It’s an RPG? News to me. Seems kinda like Destiny. Online, crew based, shooter. Ubisoft producer is out to talk about it. Xbox One get an exclusive beta in December.

-More Division info coming during the Ubisoft conference.

-Hard to get excited over a game that doesn’t come out until 2016. Especially since another Tom Clancy game comes out before that.

-Tom Clancy game. The Division. New trailer.

-There was a big, titan looking monster. Coming early 2016.

-Trailer looks really good but I’m no expert on Dark Souls.

-World premiere. Dark Souls 3!

-Sept. 15th, 2015. That’s soon.

-From real car to digital car. This is some real porny car porn. Slow shots of car engines, cars racing around tracks. Looks good at least.

-The car lowers from the ceiling. Ford GT I think. *shrugs*

-Mechs, and super powered zombies, and let’s move onto Forza 6 shall we?

-New modes, new characters, comes out next Spring. Trailer as well. Looks like Garden Warfare.

-Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 announced.

Titanfall is now on EA Access. Dragon Age Inquisition as well later this summer. Eh.

Madden. Great. Falls flat. EA access stuff.

-Peter Moore, from EA, bring the thunder.

-Howard mentions modding? PC mods can be sent, for free, to the Xbox One.

-Nothing new. Some different footage that makes combat look better.

-This is a little different. Aim down sites looks decent. New weapons like a laser musket.

-Yep this is the same stuff, same canned/prerecorded gameplay from last night. Even the same script.

-Showing and saying stuff from last night. This might be live gameplay?

-Todd Howard is on the Xbox stage with Fallout 4.

-New controller called the Elite. “For Elite gamers”. D-pad looks like it’s 8-way, and switchable with other d-pads? Trigger locks. Extra paddles.

-Preview members can already play 360 games, the rest of us have to wait until holiday.

-Yep this guy is playing Mass Effect on an Xbox One. You can still use Xbox One commands (screenshots and streaming).

-100 titles by this holiday. So only select titles. Retail discs will work and you will download the title not run the disc.

-Xbox One backwards compatibility announced. Xbox 360 will work on Xbox One. BOOM

-He’s touting the lineup. Maybe this means only games during this show like usual?

-Phil Spencer is up. His tshirt is covered. SHOW ME THAT SHIRT PHIL

-Recore. Coming Spring 2016.

-Dog died and he left an orb, so she’s putting it into a new robot and it takes over.

-It’s a women and a robot dog in a desert. Enemy robots attacking her while she shoots them.

-From the makers of Metroid Prime, what?!

-Exclusive world premiere now.

-War Zone is a 24 player mode. Looks like a Hoard mode where you and friends take on enemies. With 24 players that could be fun.

-You control 2 squads, one Master Chief and one with another Spartan.

-Switched to a montage again. Sure looked like Halo but I did spot some slug reviving a hunter. More 343 now.

-This looks like Halo. The guns look upgraded a bit. Shotgun sounds like it really packs a punch but I bet it’s the same as before.

-You aren’t playing as Master Chief in this, you’re tracking him. Killing Covenant again, Arbiter is leading them. You have Spartan buddies so I bet this builds into co-op.

-Buck from ODST, Arbiter from Halo 2. They’re hunting down Master Chief. Lots of other Spartans in this trailer and we’re getting gameplay.

-Halo 5. Not sure what they’re going to talk about with this. We’ve already seen the multiplayer beta. Do people really care about the story?

-Bonnie Ross, from 343 Studios, is out first. Halo time.

-We’re starting with a montage. Gears, Halo, Tomb Raider.

-5 minutes to go…

-No Crackdown, no Scalebound, no Quantum Break at this conference. Hopefully they have enough hype stuff to replace it and not just Gears of War.

-Despite what some terrible people, like John Michonski, think I really hope we don’t see Battletoads. Rumor has it Rare is doing a collection of old favorites and that would be included in that collection.

-Just about 30 minutes out. Microsoft uploaded something like 20 trailers for indie games on their Youtube. We didn’t recognize too many but I bet they’re mentioned in a montage.

-We’ll be doing live blogs for every conference today and news stories for all the big games detailed and announced today. Full coverage all over the site!

-Microsoft usually starts on time and comes in at one hour. They tend to be pretty focused because of that time restraint so expect them to move fast and talk mostly about games.

-The longest day is just beginning. I have a cup of coffee ready to hear all about Halo, Forza, Tomb Raider, and whatever else shows up this morning.

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