You read that correctly. Knights of the Old Republic 2, a game released way back in 2004, is getting itself an update. The Steam version of the game is getting some hefty additions and we’re still not sure why. The developer behind these updates, Aspyr Media, hasn’t said anything about why they’d spend time and money on such an old game. The update includes Steam achievements, controller support, cloud saves, and Steam workshop support including the infamous Restored Content Mod.

While you may not have heard of the Restored Content Mod before it’s possible you’ve already heard stories about how KOTOR 2 was rushed to market and ended up being a disappointment to a lot of fans of the original game. Despite having improved gameplay the story ends abruptly and it feels as if the game skips over content. Entire planets/levels that were originally planned to be in the game had to be cut last minute. Luckily modders stepped in, took the unfinished content that was shipped with the game, and finished it. And now this update gives you access to this mod and whatever else the KOTOR community can come up with.


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  1. oh man, i just played through this game again a couple weeks back, at least until i hit a progress-halting bug. weird timing, though! it’s difficult to imagine what this could even lead to, if anything.