Gameplay and story footage of Kingdom Hearts 3 was finally shown off at E3. The footage showcases Sora sporting an all new look and all new weapons including key-firearms. Team attacks also reappear as Sora teams with Donald and Goofy to deliver special attacks. The new weapons all seem to have action commands hidden within them, so it’s probably safe to assume there’s some type of bar or summon system restricting their use like in Kingdom Hearts 2. Sora can also apparently summon Disney rides for attacks now. Of course, knowing Kingdom Hearts it probably won’t make sense. Although we didn’t see any recognizable Disney Worlds in the trailer, Tangled has been all but confirmed.

Also, right before the trailer was shown off we were shown Kingdom Hearts Unchained, a mobile title for the series. While multiple disney characters were shown we didn’t recognize many characters exclusive to the series (aside from profile shots in what appears to be the game’s attack wheel, where the character performs moved based off of the character shown), suggesting this will be an all new chapter in the series.

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  1. It’s actually “Unchained χ” (because “chi” sounds like “key”, of course). χ was their browser game and this looks to be a remake similar to how Re:coded was for Coded, which was originally a phone game. Wonder how easy it’ll be to access all the story content given that it’s definitely a f2p game with AP and such, hmm.