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I’m Kayla “Kay” Hersh, a new writer here at VGCC. This is my first time doing this in a professional capacity, and I’m super excited to be a part of this growing family of cool people. Every person here on this site is great, and it’s an honor to get to work alongside them. I was born and raised in the Grand Canyon State, as evidenced by my general intolerance for cold temperatures. I hope that, like my state, my writing will be “hot stuff” (and have low humidity).

The first gaming system I ever owned was a blue Game Boy Pocket my uncle found on the street, undamaged and holding a copy of Pokemon Blue in its cartridge slot. At first I didn’t realize you could save the game, and so for about a month I would try to get as far as possible in the game before the wimpy triple-A batteries died. It wasn’t until I was playing it on a camping trip that I noticed the “save” option in the pause menu and finally got to progress past Vermilion City. Looking back now, I’m amazed at my persistence and patience and am thankful that I kept on truckin’. Not only did I end up with a hobby that has given me great joy throughout my life, it’s lead me to this opportunity to write about it on this small but wonderful website.

I promise to bring a unique viewpoint to this place and provide you with all the news and writing that you crave. I hope my addition to the team has given this climatic shift in Video Game Choo Choo’s staff a satisfying denoue-John.

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VGCC’s super cute News Correspondent and Official Chooch Princess

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