God bless. Just…holy cow Nintendo. This was my JAM. I always eat up what Ninety does because I have and always will love that silly company, but let’s go over what they showed so I can gush some more.

  • Mii Fighters are a very welcome addition to Smash 4. I expected something very basic and based around Wii ___ games, but Sakurai went above and beyond as always. Getting to see Iwata ORA was also a gift.
  • All the Robot Chicken stuff was confusing, but got a couple laughs out of me. A few jokes were stronger than others but I’m appreciating Nintendo trying to incorporate humor into their digital events. It feels less robotic.
  • Amiibo was also revealed, which is the Skylanders-esque figure line from Nintendo. You can transfer Smash Bros characters to and from your game, and bring them to your friend’s house. Each character can equip items that will boost abilities depending on what you use. Obviously, you can still use item-less characters. pro-Smash ain’t dead.
  • Yarn Yoshi is now Yoshi’s Woolly World. Remember how upset everyone was about how bland Yoshi’s New Island looked? Well you’ll be fine. Get Woolly World. It’s absolutely gorgeous and plays like a dream.
  • The Captain Toad segments were the best part of Mario 3D World, and hearing that there will be a full game filled with puzzle challenges starring the pint-sized spelunker excites me and surprisingly a lot of people. I’m surprised but happy I’m not alone in my excitement.
  • Open world Zelda! I imagine Miyamoto saw Skyrim gameplay and started swearing up and down the halls yelling “WHY DIDN’T WE DO THIS?!!?! FUCK!” The game looks beautiful though.
  • Yo can I see Mega Rayquaza already? Thanks in advance.
  • I’m glad Bayo 1 is coming with Bayo 2. I beat Bayo 1 already but now I can clear it with some SSSTYLE and CUHRAYZEE COMBOS.
  • I played Hyrule Warriors on the floor. It feels so good clearing huge hoards of creatures, and there’s some real polish that I haven’t seen in any of the other Dynasty Warriors games I’ve seen glimpses of. Not to say that Dynasty Warriors is bad, but this is Nintendo quality.
  • New Kirby Canvas curse is real nice.
  • No opinion on Xenoblade but I’m sure everyone else in the world is stoked. Sorry.
  • Mario Maker seems fun but hopefully there’s a bit more to it than what we saw. I dunno, I guess I’m not creative enough to get as much mileage out of it as some people.
  • Splatoon may be my favorite new IP this year besides Sunset Overdrive. I’m SO ready to ink all over fools and swim circles around the competition. Eat MY PAINT, ASSHOLE.
  • Little things Nintendo didn’t mention: Fantasy Life which seems neat, Mario Party 10 on Wii U, and Layton v Wright is FINALLY confirmed for US.
  • Palutena is also playable in Smash. I need more info on her to get really excited, but her reveal trailer was super nice. Dark Pit alt costume for Pit?
  • And last but certainly not least…PAC MAN BABY YEEEEEAAAHHHH

I was happy with a few games from each presser, but I was happy with EVERY game Nintendo showed off this year. Fuckin A+.

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