PC gaming and mods go hand in hand. Developers who support mod makers have a special place in video game players hearts. So when Bethesda got on stage during the Microsoft press conference during E3 and announced that those beloved mods would come to consoles it was big news. Even better these mods would be free and would be similar to the environment we see on PC. Somehow, in one go, Bethesda made the Fallout 4 experience even more uniform across all platforms. The question remains however, is this all hope and dreams or could the PC mod scene be a reality on consoles? Fallout 4’s game director Todd Howard filled in some details.

The one thing Bethesda really wants to make clear is they want very little barrier between PC mods and console mods. If the mod sometimes breaks and warps the game on the PC version then it will do the same on the console version. Only the truly broken mods, the ones you avoid anyways, would be prevented from crossing the console barrier. The approval process will go through Bethesda’s own site and would have an approval process similar to what they do on Steam Workshop according to Howard.

What will be different is copyrighted material and pornography. Mods are usually the wild west so seeing graphic conversations that make Skyrim become infested with Ninja Turtles isn’t out of the ordinary. But on consoles that copyrighted material wouldn’t be allowed. No clue how lenient Bethesda or Microsoft and Sony could or would be with that policy but Howard did wonder if Halo characters would somehow be allowed. Nudity and pornography won’t be allowed at all. No word on what exactly constitutes pornography or if scantily clad clothing and armor mods would fall under nudity. The nude and porn mods of PC games are a strange world that borderlines on gross but they are certainly interesting.

Interesting to see Microsoft and Sony open up on modding since they’ve been known to keep a tight grasp on certification for pretty much anything. No word from either company how open modding will be but Howard seemed pretty optimistic that this would be very close to the PC mod scene.

All I want to know, can I mod the dog into a cat?

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