Earlier this week, Square Enix and Sony canceled PlayStation Store pre-orders for the upcoming Hitman game. A release from Sony stated that the “configuration of the product you preordered has changed significantly,” but offered no further information. Now, a Square Enix press release has revealed that Hitman will be a “truly episodic AAA game experience,” as opposed to…whatever the hell it was before.

The game is still set for release on March 11th, and will include a “Prologue Mission and a Paris location.” From there, a new location will be added every month, including Italy, Morocco, Thailand, the US, and Japan. “Weekly live events and additional content” will also be added between the major monthly updates.

Hitman’s base March 11th release will cost $15, and each additional episode, or location, or whatever you want to call it, will cost an additional $10. Those interested can buy the “Full Experience” up-front for $60, or wait until “the end of 2016” for the disc version. If you try the base missions and want the rest, there’s an “Upgrade Pack” for $50. So, plenty of ways to spend your money.

The press release doesn’t mention anything about new pre-order information, but it’s safe to assume that some kind of updated store page will go up if it hasn’t already. Square Enix presenting Hitman as a traditional episodic game certainly makes a lot more sense than the ambiguous, somewhat frustrating way they were advertising it before, but what exactly all this content is remains to be seen.

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