The upcoming Hitman game sure has been a weird one. The franchise’s developer, IO Interactive, has added to the weirdness by delaying the game back to March 2016. Their news post reads as apologetic but with some hefty marketing spin talking about the larger maps and their odd, digital only/content drip, release model. They claim the delay will add more content for players once the game launches, making me wonder how light on content the game must have been. IO had previously announced that this new Hitman title would slowly release more content, similar to Splatoon, until the game was “complete”. Then the entire game would be released on disc because who doesn’t like early access games these days right?

To be honest a few months delay doesn’t amount to much and if it means these larger levels are even more impressive and intricate then I’d rather see IO get it right. Hitman is already an inconsistent series and if they want this new release schedule to work they’ll need to have everything come out smelling like roses.

Check out the E3 trailer below:

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