All units, attention. Microsoft announced Halo Wars 2, six years after the original. The original Xbox 360 version was an interesting title that turned Halo into what it originally was going to be, a real time strategy game. The controls weren’t perfect, the story a little lacking, but the heart was in the right place. The sequel will still be made by Ensemble Studios, who are now owned by Sega, along with 343 studios who are the main Halo development team.

While Halo 5 is landing a bit lukewarm for me a Halo Wars 2 has me pretty hyped. It’s not just the secret desire to hammer on a button that yells “All units!” over and over again. The original had some nifty ideas and being able to create some of the biggest and most badass units only to unleash them onto your enemy was pretty dope.

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  1. oh, cool! i had a lot of fun with the original but i definitely didn’t think it would ever get a sequel. there were a few interesting RTS games on the 360, actually, though i didn’t think they got much recognition. what a neat thing to bring back!