With the recent announcement of a new Rock Band game it shouldn’t be too surprising to see Activision and Guitar Hero hot their heels with new details and announcements. This morning we were treated with the first big information dump about the other big rhythm game franchise. Guitar Hero Live is doing a lot to change itself from previous iterations. For one the game has two main modes, a “live” mode and a TV mode. In Live mode you play along a note highway while a live, FMV, audience reacts to your performance. The constant camera panning and visual effects that look like they’re hiding crowd transitions between booing and cheering seem a bit much to me, but then again if you’re focusing on the note highway, who cares about the background. The TV mode looks to be the typical note highway alongside the music video for the song. Here’s the trailer and some samples of gameplay:

The guitar itself still has six buttons but they are split between black and white, forcing gameplay to represent actual chords on a guitar. It seems like an interesting way to keep the controls simple while still representing “real” guitar playing. The trailer also announces a fall 2015 release date and it will be on both current generation and last gen consoles. But the only price I’ve spotted is 89.99 euros, so perhaps it will be $89.99 in the US? And finally there won’t be any backwards compatibility, leaving all those die hard Guitar Hero fans feeling a bit left out of the party.


Seems as if the rhythm game wars are heating back up again.

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