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We’re tired, we’re drained, and we’re ready to kill. Day four- the final day of our deliberations. Mike, John, Niall, and Michael are down to only the biggest awards of the year, “Worst Game” and “Game of the Year.” 2015 was an intense and jam-packed year. It didn’t really burst out of the gate, but by the time E3 ended in June, the release schedule really picked up. We’re looking forward to next year, but until then, let’s sip some nog, take a deep breath, and relax.

Worst Game: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Runners Up: Risen 3 (PS4), Omega Quintet

There’s only one award left. Unlike the previous awards, we don’t just want two runners up, we want a list, in order, from ten all the way to the best game of the year.

10. Rise of the Tomb Raider

9. Kerbal Space Program

8. Undertale

7. Splatoon

6. Contradiction

5. Fallout 4

4. Her Story

3. Super Mario Maker

2. The Witcher 3

Game of the Year: Tales from the Borderlands


If the true measure of success in regards to creating a genuinely great game can be found in the amount of space that it takes up in your head, then Tales from the Borderlands may just be one of the best games of the decade. Yes, it’s a Telltale game, and yes, at times it sacrifices actual gameplay for the sake of the story that it wants to tell, but boy, does it succeed. It’s impossible to play Tales and not get completely engrossed in the story and characters, impossible to not want them all to be happy, and almost as difficult to keep yourself from tearing up at some of the more touching, tender moments on offer. Tales has taken up so much room in the minds of Chooch staff – not just while playing, but in the weeks since wrapping up – that it’s impossible for us to award Game of the Year to anything else. We went on a hell of a ride with a group of friends, and while our individual stories each played out slightly differently, we left touched by the experience.

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