2023 was the year Gamesline officially came into being, though it was far from our first ever time looking at games retrospectively on an annual cycle. In days of Video Game Choo Choo past, we held our deliberations in quiet, solemn serenity and only shared our top picks with nice little accompanying blurb entries and well produced videos that would look great on any editing resume.

And we were fucking sick of it.

This year, for the first ever official Gamesline Game Of The Year celebration, we decided to do something different. The thing we always have the most fun with every single time we sit down for Game Of The Year is just talking to each other about games. We’ve had so many great discussions where we got to passionately advocate for games big and small and that’s something the Video Game Choo Choo audience never really got to see for themselves. For 2023, we decided to peel back the curtain and make those discussions the central focus of Game Of The Year. No more awards, no more voting, no more backstabbing or underhanded wheeling and dealing, just pure talkin’ about games.

Categories featured in Day 3 include:
Best Mechanic
Most Disappointing

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