For Fallout fans the DLC is almost as exciting as the main game. It’s in this add-on content that Bethesda can focus on what they do best, well written stories that often times stray into the ridiculous. Even if every piece isn’t as warmly received as the next they’re usually a must play for any fan. Luckily Bethesda released some information about the Fallout 4 DLC coming our way.

What’s coming, when, and for how much?

  • Automatron, $9.99, March 2016: Coming real soon and it’s all about robots. Robots will take over the Commonwealth and you even get your own robot to mod and customize. Seems like the robot will be as custom as armor and weapons were before.
  • Wasteland Workshop, $4.99, April 2016: New designs and Pokemon! This add-on will be about capturing enemies from the wasteland, and pitting them against other players. Smaller add-ons like this tend to be more worth the objects they add than the features but if you really wanted to play a new Pokemon game why not just get this?
  • Far Harbor, $24.99, May 2016: A new case for Nick Valentine and his trusty assistant, you. It’s priced the highest for a reason too, you’ll be exploring an entirely new map in Maine. The world is rough up there with more radiation, and more quests for you to complete. It’s the biggest map addition of the three add-ons and will presumably be the biggest time sink.


All three can also be purchased season pass style for $49.99 (which was raised from $29.99). Luckily if you got it for the cheaper price, or wanna go grab it before the price raises on March 1st, you still get everything. So go buy it soon if you want it!

Seems like a good start and Bethesda is saying each DLC will have a beta and the creation kit as well for mod support to really begin. No word on console mod support yet, which should be coming, but it always gets updates after the PC version anyways. Surprised these were coming out so soon, and so close to one another. Fallout 4 may have a long, DLC filled, afterlife after all.


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