There weren’t many games to be found at EA’s yearly “not E3” event, even less than usual.

While there were teasers for the usual staples like Madden and FIFA, outside of Star Wars Squadrons (which was leaked earlier in the week), and a couple indie concept trailers there really wasn’t much to be seen. Bioware was nowhere to be found, with no mention of Dragon Age or Mass Effect, let alone a progress update on Anthem’s 2.0 “fix it all” update.

The overwhelming sensation I got from watching EA Play Live was one of hollow enthusiasm and faux sincerity meant to drum up all your gaming feels. Nary a moment went by without someone talking about how amazing gaming is, how they’re all Electronic Artists, and how EA makes games for everyone. It’s really hard to feel like that message means anything from a major publisher, but especially now more than ever.

Josef Fares unveiled the concept for yet another co-op game that he’s making, a new independent studio showed off the 5000th novelty multiplayer game that looks and sounds like Overwatch , and while Lost in Random is aesthetically interesting, it sort of just feels like the Yarny style game they have to show off this year.

EA has been getting more and more basic by the year, and while the last minute announcement of Skate 4 is exciting, they didn’t even have anything to show for it so like, what is there to be excited about really?

I didn’t want to see Greg Miller, and yet for some reason I had to, and for that I will never forgive EA.

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