Long ago in an internet far, far away, EA launched their own PC sales platform, Origin. Origin was met with the same passionate anger that Steam had when it launched so many years ago. But over the years Origin has shaped up, given out free games, and is stepping it up once again to challenge the behemoth that is Valve head on. Origin Access is a $4.99 monthly subscription exactly like it’s console counterpart, EA Access.

You’ll get access to the ‘EA Vault’, a selection of games you can download and play until your subscription runs out. You’ll also get to try some full versions EA games a week or so before release. Some of those vault games include Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlefield 4 and Hardline, and FIFA 15. This is a pretty great deal and it’s nice to see it coming to PC finally.

EA’s Origin gets a bad rap, but for years I’ve enjoyed playing games on there off and on, including a large chunk of my library that were handed out for free. EA may not make all the right decisions, but you can’t say they are always out to get you.

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