Update #2: Avalanche Software, the developer behind the Infinity games, will be closed.  According to VentureBeat, Disney will indeed be focusing on licensing out their franchises instead of developing games themselves.

Going through some of the Disney Infinity news from this year reveals a pattern that seems all too clear now. Infinity wasn’t getting any major updates this year, they pulled retail support for the PC version, and of course Disney pulling out of E3.

Update: Disney Infinity’s John Blackburn released a statement confirming the game franchise has been cancelled. He also lists the final two retail sets to be released.

Original Story: After falling short of revenue and earnings expectations, Disney has decided to cancel their current Disney Infinity franchise and end their run as a game publisher.

Suddenly makes sense why they might pull out of E3. As for their publishing arm they will be ending the “self-published console games business.” I assume that means Disney will begin licensing out their many, many franchises.

It’s a shame to see a neat thing like Disney Infinity get cut loose this way. We’ll update this story if we hear any more details.

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