I legit feel sorry for Lab Zero by now. What the hell is going on? Today CyberFront Games, distributor of many Western games such as Half Life, Civilization, and Skullgirls, has been dissolved. Their official statement (in Japanese) claims there were “administration problems”. The company had tried to reform, but was unable to and just gave up, choosing to shut down.

Peter Barthalow, Lab Zero’s CEO, posted on the official Skullgirls forums that this “came as a surprise” and will be working with Autumn to hammer out a solution if things are really messed up for the Japanese release of the game.

Things were starting to look up for Lab Zero, but things still keep falling apart for them. Hopefully things will calm down after this year, and 2014 will be a good era for Skullgirls.

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  1. I seriously believe this game is cursed. I love the game, but jesus. The Skullgirls team has had such consistently awful luck it’s almost spooky.

    Fingers crossed. Hopefully, they’ll find some way to pick up the slack.

  2. Challenges in life are not curses they are tests to make you stronger. All of these challenges for the Skullgirls team and community do exactly that! Stay strong and give your support. On the other side of all this will be a tremendous gratitude to anyone who was strong enough to stay by their side during the many setbacks… but that’s all they are … setbacks… all the greatest humans who have accomplished great things had tremendous and multiple setbacks, we just don’t talk about them. Learn and Grow Egrets. We Got This!