Video games look like video games. Once you become familiar with the visual language common to our entertainment medium it becomes pretty hard to imagine them looking like anything else. Then something like Cuphead comes along and challenges what you believe. We’ve seen this before. Games that don’t have the heft to really make the graphics look as good as our spoiled brains are used to. It’s a challenge especially for indie developers who won’t have the cash on hand to draw so many polygons. This is why we see so many 8-bit/16-bit style games coming from indie devs. And then Cuphead comes along.

I’m hoping Cuphead is a wake up call to the talented artists and developers out there who will now challenge themselves to be something new, fresh, and unique. Video games don’t have to be stuck in a sitcom style mold where every piece has its place and nothing can ever change. Let’s shake up our own expectations and see what could really be possible.

Cuphead is set to release in 2016 for PC and Xbox One.

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