Update: You may have missed last night’s immense stream live but that doesn’t mean you have to miss it entirely. Relive all the magic moments from John failing at fighting games, to John failing at anime games, to Mike Cosimano slowing losing his mind. The broadcasts are split up into hour or so chunks and each video should be its own game or two. Enjoy!

As listeners of last week’s podcast will know, Chooch’s own Mike Cosimano and John Michonski went to Best Buy at 8 in the morning to buy Dark Pit amiibos. Now, the golden boys of Chooch will be streaming games tonight from 8 PM PST until around 4 AM whenever Cosimano leaves to preorder GameStop’s retro amiibo three pack of Duck Hunt, Game & Watch, and ROB.

Chooch diehards, this is not an event to miss. Catch the event live on Cosimano’s Twitch channel. The games they’re playing are anyone’s guess, but rest assured: there’s probably no better way to spend your evening.

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