Hey, it’s me, Chris; The Suikoden obsessed Oregonian enby who spent all their time in the viewing car reading the site and sitting off to the side. After so many years on the viewing car of this train, I decided to move to the front and join the engineering crew of this Choo Choo. 

I’m the old geezer of the group and have been working in or around nerdy stuff for almost 20 years. After leaving college I started working in the comic book industry, first as a journalist/reviewer, then as a freelance editor which I still do to this day working on helping creatives with pitches and on webcomics. Along with that I’ve worked for Destructoid’s toy vertical Tomopop and then helped run a few more geek websites revolving around literature, geek culture, and toys.

My first console was an Atari 2600 and I grew up with King’s Quest on my Apple 2GS. After that, I quickly fell in love with JRPG’s when a friend of mine in Ontario, Canada brought his NES to a Summer vacation place and he had an incredible game called Final Fantasy. I was hooked from that day forward, and I can still look back over 20 years and remember Yang the Warrior, Tosh the Martial Artist, Yamy the White Mage and Yoni the Black Mage. To this day if there is a JRPG, I’m going to buy it and I’m going to give it a fair shake because that genre has been incredibly important to me containing almost all of the games I would consider my favorites of all time.

That’s not to say I’m all about JRPG’s, I’m also a huge fan of Musou games and most importantly, fighting games. I’m terrible at all of them outside of Virtua Fighter, but I buy and try pretty much every single one that comes out. I’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of them but I usually always end up gravitating back towards Guilty Gear (Jam) and Virtua Fighter (Sarah Bryant). It’s funny, I suck at fighting games, love playing them all, but the only ones I’m good at are the most complicated ones.

I guess I’ll finish this off and say I’m excited to join the crew and can’t wait to constantly gush about Suikoden and get laughed out of the caboose when I repeatedly fight for the honor of Dynasty Warriors. Until next time, I’m off to mash X and sometimes Y to watch the number get bigger.

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