Bethesda kicked off this E3 with two extended gameplay trailers for the fourth installment in the venerable Doom franchise, simply titled Doom. 

Among other things, the videos prominently feature locations of the game like the Mars UAC facility and of course Hell. Weapons shown in the trailers include classics like the super shotgun and chainsaw, along with what looks like a melee execution feature. True to form, the trailers are filled with plenty of old-fashioned superviolence. See an edited trailer of the gameplay below.

The presentation also revealed that Doom would have an arena-style multiplayer mode, featuring round types such as “freeze tag,” “domination,” and “clan arena.” Details are sparse, but Stratton confirmed more information about the multiplayer mode would be announced in coming months. Bethesda has announced Bethesda Net, a new online front end for your Bethesda Games, at their E3 showcase. They didn’t say much, but it seems to be similar to

Announced as a part of Bethesda Net was an in-platform feature referred to as “Doom SnapMap,” a function which will allow players to create custom content such as maps and multiplayer game modes. It looked to have a much lower barrier to entry compared to other FPS mapping tools, so that’s exciting.

According to Stratton, Doom is about three things – “bad-ass demons, big effin’ guns, and moving really, really fast” – if these trailers are any indication, the new Doom won’t disappoint in any of those departments.

Doom is due out Spring 2016.


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