Rare Replay. Shovel Knight. Battletoads are eveywhere these days, except for GameStop. Now they’re coming to season Killer Instinct, along with season 3, which Microsoft confirmed will be starting in March 2016.

Sadly, not all three of the toads with ‘tude will be present in Killer Instinct. Rash will be the only Battletoad making an appearance, but maybe Zit and Pimple will be available as later DLC. Why Microsoft decided to make Rash the first guest Killer Instinct character is anyone’s guess, but Battletoads has seemed to experience a weird resurgence in popularity recently, what with the limited vinyl edition of the game’s soundtrack released at SDCC. It probably has to do with Rare’s 30th anniversary, so I can only pray we’ll see Banjo & Kazooie added to Killer Instinct as well.

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