After the game’s cover, and some additional details, leaked earlier today DICE streamed out the trailer and other info for their next entry in the Battlefield franchise. Battlefield 1 is the newest game in the series and is coming out on Oct. 21st.

Clearly the game is set in WW1. We see a lot of vehicles, planes, and weapons that have always been apart of the series. It’ll be interesting to see how DICE deals with the unique combination that WW1 can give a developer. WW1 was the first time the industrialization of war really began. We see in the trailer things like flamethrowers, mustard gas, and early tanks balanced out with tench warfare and spiked clubs.

Kind of sad how the Harlem Hellfighters are only a pre-order bonus. Monetizing a significant Army unit that represented racial division and hatred combined with the sacrifice of war is…disgusting. Let’s hope they do it well.

Correction: Originally stated the game comes out on Oct. 18th. That’s only true if you have EA Access. It’s the 21st for everyone else.

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