UPDATE: Atlus have now announced the lineup for the 30 hour Persona stream on February 4th. The stream will kickoff at 1pm JST with a rundown and introduction from the host, Teddie, before things get underway in earnest. The full lineup is as follows, with all times in JST.

1pm – Teddie introduces the stream

2pm – Persona Q character video gallery

3pm – P4 Arena Ultimax character video gallery

6pm – Persona 4: Golden – The Best Edition Celebration, featuring promotional videos and a rundown of the top 10 Persona 4 characters as voted on by the fans.

7:30pm – The top 25 songs from the Persona series, as voted by the fans.

9:30pm – Edited versions of Persona 3 the Movie #1 & #2

11:40pm – Mystery spot (potentially related to Persona 5, or P4: Dancing All Night)

Tuesday February 5th, 12:30am – Mystery spot

1pm – Repeating the Top 25 Songs

3pm – Repeating the Persona 4: Golden – The Best Edition Celebration

5pm – Mystery spot

6pm – Teddie’s final countdown, followed by a special edition of Persona Stalker Club, with updates on the series.

9pm – Mystery spot

It’s interesting to note that there’s a solid twelve hours with nothing in particular planned, and the fact that everything seems like it’ll be repeated at least once is disappointing, even if it is gonna make it much easier – not to mention less exhausting – to report on.

With February 5th’s “Persona Super Live 2015” concert expected to include the first wave of substantial details about Persona 5, Atlus have announced that the company will be holding a 30 hour live stream, leading up to the event, starting on February 4th. The majority of the stream’s lineup is currently unknown, but polls gauging the fan base’s favourite musical track and favourite Persona 4 characters will be part of it.

We’d expect the stream to feature plenty of fan service, and quite possibly some teasers for Persona 5 and Persona 4: Dancing All Night. The stream is set to begin at 1pm JST on February 4th (that’s 11pm EST on February 3rd) and will air on NicoNico, continuing right through the concert the following evening.

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