Hello everyone, my name is Ashley! I’m one of the new people you’ll be seeing on Chooch! I’ve been a fan of the site for a long time, and I’m very happy to be working with people who are as excited about games and game writing as I am. I’ve helped with Chooch before (a service that resulted in the purchase of a tall can of Coke by John) and I’m glad to be full time now.

I live in Florida, where in addition to melting slowly from the heat, I’ll play the occasional video game. I’m a big fan of RPGs (like Undertale and Paper Mario), Action Games (like Saints Row 3 and Asura’s Wrath) and games harder to pin down (like Gone Home and Katamari Damacy.)

I’ve been playing games since my parents bought me a SNES for Christmas one year and I dove into Donkey Kong Country. I went to the local Blockbuster every week to try to find weird and interesting games I could play, and it’s been that same kind of curiosity that’s kept me playing up until now.

Video games have been an important part of my life, not just for entertainment, but with how I connect to people and with helping me figure out who I am. Games have the special ability to connect with us like few mediums can and I think that potential is just beginning to be tapped, and I want to be there to talk about it as people figure it out. I believe games have an great future as both entertainment and as an art form.

I also have like 100+ hours in WWE 2K16 and am mostly known for posting yuri on twitter so maybe I’m just a silly girl.

Can’t wait to make some good content!

About Ashley

Ashley Minor is a comic book fan, video game player and wrestling nerd from Florida. She’s a foremost expert on gals being pals.

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