If you fall into the groups of “hardcore Animal Crossing fans” and “trading card collectors,” prepare your wallet. Nintendo has announced more details about amiibo cards for the upcoming Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer on 3DS; namely that there will be one hundred of them – and that’s only in the first series.

There’s no confirmation that more than one wave of the cards will be released but judging by the European packaging, which can be viewed here, it certainly seems to suggest there will be more. Perhaps Nintendo is waiting to see how the first wave is received before producing more. In any case, regional differences between the cards have also been detailed. In Japan and Europe, cards will be sold in blind packs of three, while those of us in North America will be getting packs of six. The Japanese packs are being sold at 300 yen, so it’s safe to assume European packs would be roughly equivalent, while North American packs might be around double.

The amiibo cards hit the European market on October 2nd, coinciding with the release of the game. It would be easy to guess then that they’ll be available in North American markets when the game releases on September 25th – of course, this is just an assumption.

It’s clear Nintendo is riding the amiibo train all the way home and what better way than with collectible cards based on a game with so many characters? This is, of course, in addition to the eight actual amiibo coming out at some point for the Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Wii U game. I would say I’m not interested, but let’s be honest – I’m buying KK Slider as soon as he becomes available.

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