The moon will turn blood red, the seas will grow angry, the mountains will crumble, and we’ll fling birds at pigs for eternity. On July 28th, at a special event, Rovio will reveal more details about their upcoming release of Angry Birds 2 which will be available on July 30th. After three billion downloads for the franchise I guess Rovio decided that fifteen spinoffs games were enough and a true sequel was needed in order to explore the depth of the series.

What does the Pope think of Angry Birds? Does this spark our modern day Renaissance? Where were you when Angry Birds 2 fell from the sky and marked us all for death?  These answers and more will certainly be answered on July 30th. And if it doesn’t then I’m sure the upcoming Angry Birds film will fill us in on the deep back story and character development we’ve all been clamoring for. Or the Mayan calendar will end.

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