Fighting game DLC can be annoying to parse, and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax had a huge problem when Atlus announced that Adachi, the Cabbage Killer, was going to be day one DLC for special edition purchases of P4AU in Japan. Thankfully, someone must’ve stepped in and told Atlus to quit that in the US, because it’s much easier to explain the Adachi situation to Americans. He’s going to be free DLC…for a bit.

For both North and South America, Adachi and his persona Magatzu-Izanagi will be free to download for the first week of Ultimax’s release. Afterwards, Adachi will be paid DLC. No price has been confirmed yet.



Atlus has also announced that P4AU will be at Evo, as well as the original Arena game. Atlus is tossing 1,000$ into the Arena side-tournament pool to drum up hype, and Ultimax will be playable on the Evo floor. More information can be found in this Dustloop thread. 

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