As Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference has continued in this the year of our lord Gooigi, 2019, I am as shocked as anyone to announce that some legitimate amount of time was spent announcing a collection of the first three Seiken Densetsu games. In America these were known as Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret Of Mana, and the unforgettable Mana Game Not Good Enough To Appear In This Country. Jokes aside, Trials of Mana is the new name for Seiken Densetsu 3, a game that previously did not exist outside of Japan. Not only are all three coming out in a collection, but the third game of the series is being remastered. As you may remember, Secret of Mana was remade last year for PS4 and PC, and it was received okay but I wouldn’t say it was inspiring, so things haven’t been great for the series lately. Do we need a collection like this? Will Trials of Mana revitalize the series?

Trials of Mana will be coming early 2020 and the Collection of Mana (containing the first three Densetsu games) is available for download right now. God, I hope this means we can get a Legends Of Mana remake soon. Please!



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